Points Calculator – A Complete Guide

Australian immigration is based on the General Skilled Migration Points System. An Australian Points Calculator is used to determine the eligibility for immigration or the type of visa to be or not granted to any applicant. Broadly speaking, the Australian Points Calculator relies on an individual’s skills, age factor, English language proficiency, work experience and any sponsorship for scoring the admissibility. All these parameters have been designated with specific points for scoring. The more you score, the higher are your chances of acquiring a permanent residency visa for Australia. It is essential to meet the stipulated basic requirements to even proceed with the visa application.

In order to obtain pass marks using the Australian Points Calculator, you need to score the required number of points. A pool mark score is held as a benchmark and if you score below the pass mark but Age calculator equal to the pool mark, then your application will go on a ‘reserve’ status. Your assessment status will be secured with immigration for up to 2 years. In the course of these two years, your original score has to be either equal to or higher than the current score marks. This will ensure further processing of your application. Else, your application will be rejected after the 2 year period.

For your skill assessment, the first step is to check whether your occupation is listed under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Even if you have multiple years of experience in your current job/occupation, if it is not included in the SOL, there is no way to apply for permanent Australian residency under the skilled category. The Australian Points Calculator helps you determine your skill eligibility. The calculator also scores your age related eligibility. If you are 45 or above, then you cannot be granted permanent Australian visa under the skilled category.

The calculator also scores your “vocational” English language skills. For a non-trade occupation category, you should score 6 in 4 levels of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The score needed is 5 for the trade occupation category. As per the Australian Points Calculator, it is mandatory for you to have completed a post secondary education. Your technical skills are further assessed by the Australian authority before proceeding further. Only in rare circumstances, owing to an individual’s work experience, he/she may be granted a visa.


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