The Various Types of Golf Games

While many may assume the game of golf is slow and dragged out, it is important to note that the various types of golf games available to you can offer a fun factor. Golf does not have to be a slow and monotonous affair, as so many young golfers are now finding out. There are several options to choose from when it comes to playing golf. Knowing what games you enjoy best will be a matter of trial and error with golf partners and friends alike.

There are basically 12 different games that a casual golfer can play with a partner or friends on the golf course. Choices Hack While not all of these 12 are popular, there are some that really stand out as common favorites.


A skins game is one in which there is basic gambling on each hole. The various types of golf games had to include this type of play for the risk searching golfers. You will usually predetermine what each hole will pay to the player that sinks their ball with the least strokes. If everyone ties the hole, the purse for the last hole will be tacked on to the next hole increasing the value of the next hole. You are not obligated to set large amounts of money for this type of game, yet it would actually make for an interesting day.

You would be more opt to pay close attention to what you are doing on the course if there was money involved on each hole. Again it is important to note that money does not even have to be the purse at all if you so choose. You can gamble on holes with other forms of payout if you elect and agree to this with the group.

Stroke Play

In the various types of golf games stroke play seems to be the most popular. This is the game that does not ask for any more than simply the best score of the day. The golfer that turns in the best round of the day is the winner of stroke play. This is an excellent game to get going with a few friends, as there is no commitment or obligation should you lose. This too is determined however by the rules that you set for the round. Many people will play these types of golf games in order to promote practice. the competition that you will receive from the others in your party can challenge you.

Foursome And Four Ball

Foursome and four ball are some of the other various types of golf games that can be played. These games are played as a couple round and you will play alternating shots. One team member will hit off the odd number tees and the other member will hit off the even number tees. After the player drives the ball, the partner will then hit the next shot. This will continue until the ball is in the cup. Regardless of whom shot last, the partner that takes the tee short correspondent with the odds or evens will still drive next hole.

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